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for social change

and cultural intelligence

I'm so pleased to meet you here. Welcome!

I'm part of a contingent of people who are set on improving the quality of our world.  As a philosopher, educator, artist and activist, my work aims to help individuals and organizations envision and create justice-oriented ways of thinking, learning and being.  This requires building alternative habits of mind and practices that leads to people being transformed.

I hope my website allows us to work together. Say hello on Facebook!

PHOTO:  Joyce Rollins



“Learn your theories well, but put them aside
when you touch the miracle of a living person”

- Carl Jung



610 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60605

Tel: 312-546-6479




Join me as I explore the shifting sands   of what it means to "teach for transformation."  Comments welcomed!

As Director of the Fahs Collaborative Laborator for Innovation in Faith Formation,  I have the BEST job in the world: pulling together extraordinary educators from all walks of life into a single space to make a difference.

Here's a little bit about my writing, research, teaching and curriculum  design work. It shows ways we might teach and learn from each other. 

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